Refining your personal style will make it easy to be confident in your personal presentation and to feel good getting dressed in the morning.

While it’s true that personal style emerges over time, I like to speed up the process by working closely with my clients to make it possible to see quick improvement. It’s fun and efficiency, combined!

There are four main ways we can work together. I can help you with a complete image makeover, or help you tailor your closet and fill it out with some targeted personal shopping. I can create a custom set of basics that you can build off of. And we can design a lean wardrobe of custom, luxury clothing from J.Hilburn, the men’s clothier I represent. Along the way, I’ll share my knowledge of clothes, shopping, and staying organized. What matters most is that we define your goals upfront and design a customized plan to get you there.



Together we’ll cull and organize your current clothes. We’ll talk about what it takes to build a lean wardrobe and maintain it. This pairs nicely with a personal shopping session.

2 hour minimum


Work with me to define a new direction for your personal style. This process will touch every aspect of your personal presentation including grooming and accessories. Think of this as your own personal “QueerEye” episode.


After defining your sense of style, we meet in the wild and try on clothes. I’ll help pick the stores, and we’ll decide together what will come home with you.

2 hour minimum


Need more customized pieces in your wardrobe? J. Hilburn is a custom luxury brand that will ship tailor-made pieces to your door. I’m a certified jHillburn stylist, and I take your complete measurements so that every item you order ends up being the best fit you’ve ever had, guaranteed.


Take the mystery out of finding clothes that look and feel great and fit your lifestyle.

I work with both short-term and long-term clients, meaning that I’ll be there for you if you need a one-time intervention or an on-going personal shopper. What matters is that I’ll be your partner as you change your look and will be on-hand to make the process as seamless as possible.

Tailered Wardorbe
by J. H I L B U R N

As a certified j. Hilburn stylist, I'll help you end up with a closet full tailored items.

J. Hilburn is a custom, made-to-order luxury brand that will ship tailor-made pieces to your door. I take complete measurements and ask you about your fit preferences, and together we peruse their catalog and select items that reflect your personal style. Once we’ve made those selections and they arrive, we do a second fitting to make sure you’re happy with the customized items.

J.Hilburn is the perfect option for men who want to look great but hate shopping or often have trouble finding clothes that fit. It is the most personal shopping experience, all from the convenience of your home and computer. Once we’re happy with the fit, you can shop online and create looks, with or without my help.


Style is highly personal and I'll work with you to define an upscale interpretation that can work in your personal and professional life.


I've worked with individuals on their personal and professional style.

    Where to even start? I work in tech, and before working with Jen my wardrobe mostly consisted of company-tee shirts and jeans. Yikes. My nicest clothes came from a subscription service, and I wanted to break out of my fashion rut, but didn’t know where to start. I was short on time and hated shopping. Enter Jen.


    First off, working with Jen was FUN. She started by helping me let go of the old and worn-out clothes that I was having trouble parting with (read, shirts that couldn’t even be used as rags) to make space for the new. Then, she hooked me up with high-quality basics (I now live in JHilburn 5-pockets and chinos) that I can mix and match. I have fewer clothes, but I wear most of them.

  • JOHN

    Jen Rose has a design eye that I trust completely. She's been fantastic for my wardrobe, she's spearheaded the interior design of my small creative agency, and I refer my clients to her for wardrobe styling for team photoshoots. She's such a pleasure to work with and her commitment to doing great work is such an asset. If you need any help with styling, Jen Rose is the right person to call.

  • BEN

    I'm not the kind of person who spends a lot of time picking my clothes, but now no matter what I go with I end up looking sharp and therefore feeling good. Jen helped me push my style edges, and I can’t believe how different I feel in clothes that fit well and are fashionable. I recently got a promotion, and I credit my new look with helping me to land the job!


Reach out to me if you're considering up-leveling your look.